If you have not guessed BOOTS are a big thing to us, in fact, it’s the inventory we have the most of.

When it comes to a day on the hill or on the trails boots can make or break the day. For many people, the reason they don’t ski is that they have had a bad experience with boots in the past. The boots PINCHED, TO TIGHT, TO BIG, SMELLED, HARD TO GET ON, COLD, ETC.

Before heading out for the day be sure the boots you are in fit properly, take the time at the rental shop (or naturally when we deliver) to ensure you have toe room, they fit your Calves and that you know how to do them up, do small adjustments and take them off.

If you have been renting and it’s time to take the next step and invest in some boots, be prepared to spend some time at your local ski shop and have boots fitted properly and be prepared to spend about 1-2hrs, let the boot fitter know your skiing style, any injuries you have had in the past, if you have orthotics, or if you get cold feet quickly. All these things will help get you into the right boots (oh if the boot fitter does not measure your feet just walk away, it’s the most important part)

Some of the best ways to make your day in ski boots good:
1. make sure your boots are nice and warm before putting them on (don’t pull them out of the trunk or pickup bed and put them on)
2. Invest in good ski socks, they will keep your feet warm, add padding where needed, they won’t twist around, only wear one pair at a time and they look good during Apre ski time
3. when the boots are not in use keep them buckled up, they will retain their shape and not get caught in all your gear.
If buying boots, consider adding boot heaters or custom molded liners, they can really make boots comfortable.

Here is our boot lineup:

High-Performance boots, which are available with our High-Performance ski package. These go up to a 4 buckle boot and a little stiffer flex, which will help keep those skis going fast and get you from edge to edge quickly

Recreational boots, these are oh so comfy, with 3 buckles they are easy on and off and have a softer flex and slightly wider forefoot, you will have fun skiing in these all day.

Junior boots, a happy kid means everyone is having a great day skiing, our kids boots start down with a rear entry one buckle boot for the little kids and the really light kids, as they progress and get stronger the number of buckles increases up to a 4 buckle boot (these are really good for the kids that have big feet but are still light)

Classic XC-boots, nothing is nicer than a day out in the woods with friends gliding along enjoying nature. These boots are an easy lace-up boot and comfortable. we have them up to size 18 men (yes that big does exist) be sure to bring your Wine-skin to keep yourself hydrated!

XC-Skate boots, we have added skate skis to the fleet this year, with a skate boot you need more support than a classic boot so these come up a bit higher and have some bracing to enable the support.

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