Why do we rent trailers instead of bike seats for kids?
This is a question we get a lot. At Nomad we choose to rent trailers instead of attachable bike seats for three key reasons: compatibility, convenience and flexibility.
A trailer will fit pretty much any bike and work with every rider. Not all bike seats will fit every bike or be compatible with the cyclist, who come in all shapes, sizes and skill levels.
Also having to relocate a bike seat from bike to bike can be time consuming and can damage the bracketing or bike frame.
With a bike trailer they simply attach at the rear quick release and can be unhooked quickly and easily, making it easy to relocate the trailer from bike to bike.
Other advantages to renting the trailer is that it can serve as a stroller as well, so if a family is using one for a week they can ride to their destination and easily convert it to a stroller for the rest of their adventure.
We also like a lot of the safety features on trailers. If the rider should fall off their bike the trailer stays upright, if the trailer should happen to tip due to a dad taking a corner to fast or trying to get his XC fix, the trailer has a great roll cage to help protect the child (trust me I have done both these things)
Other great advantages to the trailer, lots of room for the kids, they can have food, stuffies and stuff to play with while out on the adventure. As well there is lots of storage for things like locks, bags and extra food.
We rent the Thule Cheetah 2, which comes equipped with a bike attachment and stoller wheels. We will also have XC ski attachments for winter so that the adventures can continue all year. For families with kids 6-18 months, we have the baby supporter attachment available.
For our little family the answer was simple when we chose the trailer, for the five years we used our Chariot, it became known as the rented mule of the family, from pulling our son behind our bikes to all corners of the city and beyond, wandering around the zoo, to sitting outside the daycare every day for 2 years in every weather condition, to hauling groceries and even golf clubs. It was hard to say goodbye.