July News Letter

Why does Summer have to be so short?

Remember as a kid summer was your oyster, you slept in, rode your bike around the hood with your friends like a bad-ass gang, drank from the garden hose.

Ice Cream was a staple in your diet, you found rhubarb patches in the back lane and would rip off a stalk and eat it on the spot!

Road trips were in the family wagon, that always had some smell you could never find the source of, your sibling getting on your nerves. But once you were at your destination (campground, cottage, grandma’s house) you were set free like a wild animal and told not to come back unless it was bedtime or you have a major flesh wound.


As an adult summer goes by in a flash, we have work, kids to shuttle to day camps, friends and family visiting, and a home to maintain.

Before summer is over, be a kid again!

Call your friends and go for a bike ride, get out on a paddleboard. Teach the kids how to use a slingshot, build a bonfire, reconnect with your partner, get out and wander.


Here’s what our summer has been like at Nomad.


Branch out

 As previously announced during the month of June we are donating 10% of our bike rental profits to the Branch Out, Branchy Bike tour.

We are pleased to announce that this year we are gladly donating: $755.00

Small Business Awards

Voting is open and our fingers are crossed this year!

We would love it if you took 30 seconds to give us your vote for the People’s Choice award.

Please Vote Here: Calgary Chamber Peoples Choice

Fall Gear Sale

 We are doing things differently this year for our fall gear sale this year!

We will fill you in with our August Newsletter.