Lots of people have old bikes hanging around the garage and storage shed. Usually people have upgraded to a new bike in hopes the old one would become their spare bike or would be handed down to their kids.
When it’s time to clean out the garage or that storage shed there are plenty of options when it comes to dealing with that old steed. Here are a few of our favourite ones.
Art, why not keep the memories strong and turn that old bike into a piece of art such as a pot holder above the kitchen island, a center piece in the garden, put a basket on the front and make it a planter. The possibilities are endless, pop over to Pinterest and see what other people are doing.

Sell it on Kijiji or at the Alberta Bike Swap. Kijiji is a super easy and popular way to sell your old bike, take lots of photos, be very clear in your description and be prepared to haggle on the price. The Alberta Bike Swap happens every spring in May, in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Bring your bike down and for a small fee it will be on display for a lot of people to come and buy, and a few days after you get a cheque! But be warned, if you stay to see your bike go, you might end up buying yourself another bike!
Donate it to local charity or community shop. Charities or a community bike shop are other ways to unload your old bike or that pile of bike parts clogging up the tool shed. One of our favourite local charities is Two Wheel View, where kids can earn a bike. If you want your bike to go to another non-profit source try Good Life Bike Shop, it is a resource/education centre for cyclists where you can buy a used bike and learn to fix/repair your bike. Best of all, you keep it local.
Donate it to Cuba. Did you hang up your wheels after your racing career, and still have old race bikes and gear sitting around waiting to make a comeback, Cuba has a huge bike racing community and there are numerous sports schools in Cuba that are continually looking for high quality bike race gear, from road & track bikes, mountain bikes, and even cycling clothing. Nomad Mobile Gear Rental can even take them for you and Bikes for Cuba will arrange shipping.