As Promised, we will be blogging and posting about awesome things in Calgary and area over.

Since it is spring and everyone is super excited to get out and ride, we have been getting calls asking if we still have any of last summer’s bikes for sale, unfortunately, we don’t (but we do still have a few Fat Bikes left if you are in need of one!)

But we never want to leave our amazing customers hanging.

Springtime in Calgary is a great time to pick up a new ride and there are a ton of options for finding a bike.

For those out there that are wanting a fresh new bike, check out your local bike shop, there is a ton of great shops to choose from and they all have a great selection. Before you go be prepared and here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Have a budget in mind and remember you will likely need to add some accessories (Helmet, Bell, lock, cycling attire, etc.) so have a budget in mind for what you want to spend on your bike and then a budget for your accessories.
  • Have an idea of what you are looking for in a bike, there is a grocery list of bike styles out there (Hybrid, Road, Mountain, Fat, Commuter, Cruiser, Gravel, DH, Folding, etc.) if you know what your purpose is for the bike that will help you and the salesperson figure out what will work best for you and make the selection process easier.
  • When you are at the store try and limit your selection of bikes to no more than three, going beyond that can start to cloud your judgment and make you second think what is best for you.
  • TEST RIDE THE BIKE, yes this is very important, you will get a feel for how the bike rides and fits. Don’t just go around the parking lot, go for a few blocks, see if you can ride it up a hill nearby, these will help you see how the bike feels.
  • Make sure the shop does some fitting (Seat height, bar and stem positioning, etc.)
  • Be sure to know the service that is included and be sure to get your bike tuned and adjusted after you buy it. A well-running bike makes all the difference.
  • Ride and enjoy

As for bike shops a few we recommend are: The Bike Shop, Calgary Cycle, Pedalhead, Pure cycle, Bike Bike, Bike and Brew, Lifesport, B&P Cycle, Bike Bros & Café Roubaix

If you are looking for a used bike there is lots of great places to pick up a “New to You” bike. There are some great options, first and most popular is KIJIJI, the Holy Grail of everything used. Before you buy on KIJIJI, be sure to do some homework on the bike that is listed.

  • There can be bikes that are stolen.
  • Bikes that people have put lower end components on in order to make more money.
  • Give the bike a good check over and ask if they have the original bill of sale.
  • If you feel uncomfortable going to the persons home to buy the bike, meet them in the parking lot at a police dept.

Another great place to pick up a used bike is at Two Wheel View, the used bikes they sell help fund their programs, which in turn help youth. So, everybody wins. Their bike are tuned and ready to go and the staff are always

Last but not lease is Alberta Bike Swap, which happens April 27 (Lethbridge) May 4 (Calgary) May 11 (Edmonton). If you like the thrill of the hunt, this is the place, there are bike there for everyone, from the beginner to the future Olympian. This one-day event is whirlwind of activity, be sure to line up early and know what you are looking for because it could be gone in a blink of an eye. They have volunteers there that can help you find a bike.

Oh, if you have an old bike cluttering up your garage, take it to the swap and sell it!

Buy a bike, ride, smile have fun and don’t forget your helmet!